Since 1989, The Casey Group has been providing solutions to clients ranging from local professional services organizations to Global Fortune 500 companies. Our highly experienced team will make your IT resources more effective and efficient and ensure that they are aligned to your business objectives.

We provide expertise in the following areas:

IT Assessment

From infrastructure to application and process workflow efficiencies, companies often need assistance in assessing their IT capabilities. Whether you’re looking to expand your current capabilities or you need to determine if your systems are performing optimally, The Casey Group can perform assessments ranging from a project review to a full review of your IT operation and infrastructure. We then propose an action plan and work closely with you through all phases of a project or long term engagement.

Systems Integration

To maximize returns from investments in existing and new IT systems, companies need well-integrated systems. For many companies, integration is a critical challenge because of the different technologies, processes, platforms and other factors that have been implemented throughout the various system life cycles. Often, a complete re-write of the systems is not practical or cost-effective. An integrated scheme that allows systems to work together (while new systems are introduced and old systems are rewritten) may be the best option. It enables companies to extend investments in existing systems and implement new technologies that are needed to remain competitive.

The Casey Group has extensive experience in systems integration and uses proven, practical approaches. We will take the complexity and worry out of your system integration initiatives.

Application Development

Sometimes, software packages will not provide the features and functionality that a company needs to accomplish its objectives. Further, the cost benefits that were originally assumed often vanish when the package requires modifications. The Casey Group specializes in custom software development and creates solutions that fit client specifications exactly. We will deliver custom solutions that meet all your requirements, provide more capabilities, and improve your ROI.

Mobility Applications

Are members of your organization asking why they can’t be connected to the office from their mobile devices? Nearly 4 out 5 internet users now access information from iPADS, Droids, Blackberries. Etc.

The Casey Group will make sure that every member of your organization from Field Reps to Executives stay connected with mission critical applications when away from the office. With our systems integration experience, we will extend your IT capabilities, improve field business processes, and increase your overall productivity in and out of the office.

Cloud Computing

From reduced costs to massively scalable infrastructures, businesses stand to benefit from cloud computing. However, there are many considerations when developing or moving existing applications to a cloud strategy. Whether you are thinking about a Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud solution, our systems integration experience will mitigate your risks and ensure that your cloud migration is smooth. We provide the consultation and implementation support needed to ensure that the proper cloud strategy is defined and that all your business and technical requirements are considered.

Legacy Systems Modernization

If you have systems that are aging, proprietary, inflexible, and expensive, we can help you bring in the new, open, agile, and cost effective systems required to stay competitive and better serve your customers.

The Casey Group will modernize your legacy systems while insuring continuity of your mission critical operational applications.

Government IT Solutions

Whether it is Municipal, State, or Federal agencies, The Casey Group delivers technology solutions and services that meet current and future Government IT needs.

With over 20 years of providing innovative, efficient and effective solutions to the Commercial sector, we now proudly deliver a full range of IT services to government clients.

Managed IT Services

As your business continues to grow, your IT infrastructure should be evolving to meet your internal operational needs and the demands of your customers. If you are like most businesses, the complexities of your IT requirements can become very challenging. The Casey Group has been helping companies of all sizes address these challenges for over 20 years.

We make sure that all the software and services required to protect and maintain your network, servers, workstations, laptops and peripherals are secure and available 24/7/365.

We take the anxiety out of IT so you can get back to running your business while we keep IT running.